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How to get your property listed

What you get for listing FSBO with us

  • Your property is on home page, with three photos and description.
  • Listings are displayed in order of last ordered to keep freshest properties at top of list.
  • Your listing get its own page (example property listing) with up to 20 photos in a gallery + more unlimited description
  • Your property can stay up until it sells or a maximum of 12 months before you must renew.
  • Total cost is only $99 per property*

    *we encourage giving a buyers agent a fee for bringing the buyer to see your property. While this is not required, its helpful in encouraging real estate agent to bring you buyers, as there is no incentive for them otherwise.

  • Email us to get started. Please include your telephone number. Thank you!

    Extra FSBO listing services

  • We can photograph your house for a nominal fee. This is standard pics like you see on our site, not professional photography.
  • I can also do video of your place with our drone and camera which is especially helpful for land or acreage property.

  • Real Estate Agents

  • We all want to get paid. So why bring your buyer to see FSBO properties? Often times the seller will work out a fee with you before hand. Simply contact the seller and ask if they will negotiate a fee if you bring them a buyer. Let's work together!

  • Contact us

  • Email us at with any questions and to arrange payment to get your property listed on right now.
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